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WE is ideally positioned to complement the CCS industry with our reputation and experience, as well as our great relationships and existing frame agreements with all required service providers.

The time to invest in CCS is now and WE is ready to join you in this green, sustainable and growing industry.

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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology is broadly recognized as one of the most viable options to reach the ambitious global climate change target, since renewable power alone will not achieve net zero by 2050. CCS involves trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and locking them away, preferably offshore, kilometers below the seabed in an underground geological formation containing saline aquifers, so that they never enter the atmosphere. 

Unfortunately, the current rate of progress is falling short of these climate goals. WE, as the leading well management company in Norway, has therefore made a commitment to actively participate in accelerating the energy transition with the commercialization of the CCS storage as the main focus area. 

As we look to a greener future, the quoted magnitude of CO2 required to be captured and stored is several giga tons on a yearly basis.  As a ‘’rule of thumb’’, one CO2 injection well is capable of injecting 1,5-2,0 million tons of CO2 annually. This translates to thousands of wells required for CO2 storage in the coming years and demonstrates how large this CCS industry will rapidly need to become.

No doubt, CCS is critical in this ongoing energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy systems. 

In very much the same way that CCS can be viewed as a bridge between fossil fuels and renewable energy, WE, with its expertise within E&P, can be the bridge between E&P and CCS. CCS subsurface mapping, well construction, injection testing, reservoir engineering and field development to name a few, largely follow well proven practices in the petroleum industry

WE considers the technology readiness level (TRL) for the storage part of the CCS value chain to be in a commercial phase of development despite some operational steps and services being different to the standard E&P wells.

Some of Our CCS Related Services
  • Assist with legislative frameworks and requirements
  • Assist in becoming a CCS license partner or operator
  • Project planning and management 
  • Costing services
  • Identify and map carbon storage sites 
  • QAQC and de-risk of storage sites 
  • Assess possible outcomes of injection into the well and or field by use of dynamic reservoir simulations
  • Design injection test wells and injection test programs for initial site characterisation to assess possible outcomes of CO2 injection into the field, and to construct site development plans in preparation for industrial scale injection
  • Design observation well(s)
  • Flow assurance
  • Cost efficient injector and observation well design
  • Identifying limitations that might prove to be showstoppers
  • Develop contingency plans
  • Design pressure monitoring as part of leak detection system in injection and observation wells 
  • Economic and commercial services

WE look forward to being the experienced partner of choice and accelerate your CCS project!