Our highly skilled professionals and tailor-made solutions will help your company achieve sustainable projects.

QHSE Services

By using our QHSE services, we can help you as a customer to better understand the QHSE challenges your company faces, ensure that you operate in accordance with prevailing regulations and legislation, as well as reduce risk and introduce measures that will reduce the company’s environmental footprint and secure sustainable projects.

We are flexible and adaptive and will grab any opportunity to evolve together with our customers, always trying to find the best solution for reducing risk, securing high quality, and protecting our natural environment.

  • ESG reporting
  • Sustainability advisory services
  • First time operators – management system updates
  • Management system reviews
  • Preparations for ISO 14001 certification, incl. mapping of environmental aspects
  • Development of CO2 quota procedure
  • Corporate footprinting: Report and track environmental footprint from all operations and activities, custom-made for your needs
  • QHSE Workshops and courses fit for purpose, based on theme of interest
  • Investigations
  • Rig intake
  • Development of verification plans, and performing audits, verifications or reviews of relevant parties
  • Environmental verifications onshore (ISO 14001 compliance, EMS, etc.) and offshore (waste-, chemical, barrier-, energy management)
  • Tight rig verifications
  • Documentation of sensitive species/habitats under pre-lay of anchors, and documentation of potential damage as part of unmooring.
  • Consent applications
  • Discharge permit applications
  • CO2 quota applications
  • Environmental input to APA applications
  • Risk assessments
  • Environmental Coach (offshore)
  • Develop QHSE plans and programs with valuable KPIs
  • Operational follow-up and trending
  • Chemical management – through planning and operations to annual reporting
  • Quality assurance of environmental risk oil spill contingency analyses (ERACA), development of reference based ERACAs
  • Oil spill contingency plans